Accepting card payments has become a necessity for small businesses. With an estimated 60 million credit cards currently in circulation in the UK and over two-thirds of people owning at least one, according to a recent Forbes Advisor poll, it is clear that card payments are here to stay.

But choosing the rightcard payment providersand machines can be overwhelming for small business owners. With so many options available, it can be difficult to determine which one will best suit your unique needs. This blog will provide a short guide on how small businesses can choose the best card payment machine in 2023, helping business owners make informed decisions and ensure that their payment processing requirements are met.

Think about your customers’ needs.

As you consider which card payment providers and machines to choose, it is important to think about your customers and their payment preferences. If any of your customers prefer to pay using mobile payment options such as Apple Pay or Android Pay, it’s a good idea to look for a machine that has a contactless option. This will make the payment process faster and more convenient, resulting in a better overall experience and potentially increased customer loyalty.

Use a comparison tool.

Choosing the rightcard payment providers and machines for your small business is crucial. That’s why at Compare Card Processing, we offer a card machine price comparison tool on our website that compares all the leading providers, including rental card terminals and mobile card machine readers.

Our tool will help you compare various card machine providers and determine which would work best for your specific business needs. Additionally, working with a wide range of payment processing partners allows us to offer some of the best deals on credit card payment processing fees in the UK. Simply use our tool on our website to discover how low your fees could be and take the first step towards improving your payment processing system. And if there is ever anything that you need clarification on when considering the best credit card payment machine for your business, our team at Compare Card Processing is always on hand to help. We want to ensure that small businesses get the best possible service when it comes to their card payments, and we provide a range of advice and support to make sure this happens.