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Best Card Payment Providers in the UK

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Which credit card machines and card readers are available in the UK?

Currently, cards payments are accepted via devices that fall into 2 different categories, traditional credit card machines or mobile card readers.

All the merchant service providers on our site use the 2 main card machine providers, Verifone and Ingenico. We also compare the 2 leading mobile card readers iZettle and Sumup.

All of the card machines and readers can accept contactless payments up to £30 for quicker payments and all the providers can accept Apple Pay and Android Pay as standard.

- Find the total cost of taking card payments per month

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What are the main features?

The portable debit card machine works similar to a cordless home telephone, you simply place it back on the base unit after use. The charging unit can be plugged in near your till/counter for easy access. You can print receipts directly from the portable unit for hassle-free transactions and all our providers have contactless payments, Android pay and Apple pay enabled as standard. A portable card machine in UK is slightly more expensive than a countertop card machine but is a must-have for businesses like restaurants, cafes or companies with multiple sales staff who can share the machine between them. You can compare the cost of portable wireless credit card machines and merchant account using our price comparison tool.


Compare Card Machine Providers


Countertop Card Machine

Ideal for customers who need a simple, stationary solution at the counter

Portable Card Machine

Perfect for businesses which need to take payments within a limited area

Mobile Card Machine

For mid-high turnover businesses that need to payments on the move.

Mobile Card Readers

Fully mobile, this is the choice for companies with smaller card turnovers

Why is it Important to Compare Card Machine Providers and Costs?

It is important that businesses compare card payment machines carefully to see which card terminal providers will suit their needs most. For example, a Mobile Card Machine is perfect who someone who takes payments on the move, but will cost slightly more a month to rent than a Countertop Card Machine

It’s as important to compare card machine rates as it is the features themselves.

Mobile Card Readers do not have a minimum contract term so are could be useful for startups, although they do have higher transaction fees

Cost comparison can be complex, in order to get an exact idea of cost always use our price comparison tool.

Why Use Our Price Comparison Tool?

Our card payment machine comparison tool has helped thousands of business owners to find the best card machine and merchant service for their small or large businesses in the UK. All our prices are listed online!
Customer paying by credit card

01. Business Info

Provide business details to customise your quotes. 

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Evaluate multiple quotations from various providers. 

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Customer paying by credit card

01. Business Info

Provide business details to customise your quotes.

02. Review Quotes

Evaluate multiple quote and various providers.

03. Select Provider

Select a supplier as per your requirements & and save.


What is the difference between a card machine and a mobile card reader?

There are numerous differences, but in general a card machine is larger and is not linked to a mobile application like most mobile card readers. You can read more about mobile card readers here.

No, they are different ways of defining a traditional card machine.

Card terminals are now almost essential for most businesses, with the real risk that a business could lose out on significant income if card payment options are not available.

We compare all the leading providers including Barclaycard, Elavon, iZettle, Sumup, AIG, First Data, and Evo payments to find the best card payment providers in the UK for you.

In a word, yes, all the providers on the site provide excellent support and all the card machines are very easy to install. The card readers connect easily with the iPad or phone with step-by-step on-screen instructions.

A merchant service provider collects the money from payments your have accepted from your customers and deposits them into your account. They connect to the card reader and card machine. Merchant services provides have varied costs which you can compare here.