To save you the worry and repetitive strain injury from Googling ‘what merchant service should I use?’ we have done the job for you and researched over 100 merchant services providers/ merchant accounts and/or card payment processing services, which are active in the UK.

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The 10 Most Popular Card Payment Providers & Suppliers

Encompassing some of the most well-known payment processing companies in the world, the companies in this first list all accept card payments. For the most part, they are household names for the simple fact that they are so easy to use that even your biggest technophobe would need minimal training. In no particular order…

 1) PayPal UK

Pretty much everyone has used PayPal checkout. If you’ve ever sold or bought anything on an auction site or partaken in some online shopping, there’s usually always an option to use PayPal for payment purposes.

The facts:

  • Easy to set-up
  • It has the ability to remember customer debit/credit card details, so there’s no need to re-enter every time
  • 25 currencies covered
  • High transaction fees: over 1.9% + £0.20
  • Most of consumers favourite shopping carts are supported including shopify and WooCommerce
  • They have something called PayPal Here.M – their own mobile credit card machine!

paypal payments website

2) Stripe

Another popular online payment processor, Stripe is built for developers. If you’re looking for something a little techier or have big dreams for where you want to go with your internet business, Stripe can offer you eCommerce, mobile commerce, SaaS and subscription payments.

The facts:

  • Advanced functionality
  • Fees are 4% + 20p for European credit and debit cards
  • Fees are 2.9% + 20p for non-European credit and debit cards
  • More than 135 currencies covered
  • Returning customers pay with a single click
  • Comply with PCI-DSS easily

Stripe card payments website

 3) iZettle

Only need to process transactions with face-to-face card payments? iZettle may be the one for you, with its super affordable price-point and flexibility between iOS and Android.

The facts:

  • iZettle card readers can cost as little as £19
  • Monthy fee free and contract free
  • Fees are just 1.75%
  • Includes a merchant account

IZettle Website

4) PayPoint

With its UK network consisting of more branches than supermarkets, banks and Post Offices combined, PayPoint is a household name. It offers in store payment services for consumers, retailer services as well as secure mobile & online multi-channel payment solutions for businesses.

The facts:

  • Pay for online subscriptions with eVouchers
  • Pay for prepaid utilities
  • Payment can be made via cash, card and contactless payments – online, on the phone and in-store
  • Use eMoney to pay for online purchases in-store
  • Through Lloyds Carnet, customers can use terminal-based card payment services

Paypoint Card acceptance website

5) First Data

With their full merchant accounts and solutions for financial institutions, First Data may have higher fees, but the service they offer aims to help every customer gain more from every transaction.

The facts:

  • Up to 36 currencies covered
  • Offer terminals & POS management services
  • Exchange rate risks are covered by their frequently updated currency rates
  • Solutions for incentive cards and gifts
  • Hosted payment pages and API integration for eCommerce

First Data Merchant Services

6) Square

There are reasons why Square is the world’s most loved and used card reader. Not only is it the cheapest card reader on the market, it also has lots of other features which set it apart from its competitors.

The facts:

  • Take business from face-to-face to online with their POS software
  • Fees are just 1.75% for face-to-face card payments
  • Comes with a convenient POS app which is compatible with both Apple and Android
  • Suppliers can pay by card with Square’s free invoicing software
  • Monthly fee-free

Square UK Website

7) Sage Pay

Based in Newcastle, Sage offers businesses a complete range of merchant account services, including accepting payments over the phone, online, via invoice or in person.

The facts:

  • All payment types, including PayPal are covered
  • 25 currencies covered
  • It takes just two working days for money to appear in your bank account
  • Invoice payment fees cost as little as £0.59 per transaction

Sagepay Merchant account website

8) Worldpay

Aptly named, Worldpay reigns as a global big-wig in payment processing. In the UK it is renowned for being the go-to for merchant services.

The facts:

  • Over 40% of UK transactions are facilitated by Worldpay
  • This includes 16,000 hairdressers, over 24,000 restaurants and more than 9,000 pubs
  • Price plans are flexible
  • Transactions can be processed in-store, online and via mobile

Worldpay UK website

9) Shopify

Originally one of the world’s most recognizable e-commerce platforms, customers can now use Shopify to purchase both on and offline, making it even more accessible to all kinds of businesses.

The facts:

  • Get the Shopify POS to process transactions online
  • Add ‘buy’ buttons and accept payment through your Facebook store and Messenger
  • Enjoy a bespoke online store to facilitate all your selling needs
  • Fees start at 1.6%

Shopify Payments Gateway Website

10) Streamline

Streamline is actually a sector of Worldpay, but has made a name for itself in its own right and is popular for its 24/7 UK customer support.

The facts:

  • All major debit and credit cards are supported
  • Customers can pay online, over the phone or via card machine
  • Streamline will come and replace broken card machines the following day
  • Their services include staff training and installation of products

Streamline UK Website

The 28 Best Full-Service Merchant Accounts & Credit Card Processing Providers

What about if you want to find an all-singing, all-dancing card payment provider to sync with your business and offer you and your customers a higher level of flexibility when it comes to card payments online, face-to-face or over the phone? Read on, because the following companies are a one-stop-shop for full range merchant services.

1)      Payzone

For over a quarter of a century now, Payzone has been providing businesses with payment solutions.

The facts:

  • Zero setup or canceling fees
  • Businesses can give it a go with a short 12-month contract
  • Over £1.2 Billion worth of transactions are handled by Payzone in the UK, yearly

Payzone Merchant Account Provider Website

2)      Paymentsense

Their marketing claims that they are the leading merchant service provider in Europe and that’s not too hard to believe, considering the service they provide businesses.

The facts:

  • Broken card terminal? They’ll replace it the next day
  • 60,000 small/medium business use their services in the UK alone
  • Card rates are capped for their customers

Payzone Merchant Service Provider Uk

3)      Retail Merchant Services

Retail Merchant Services offer some great packages with no hidden fees and a whole host of membership benefits.

The facts:

  • Rated 9.7 out of 10 on Trustpilot
  • Over 45,000 small UK businesses benefit from their services
  • Membership benefits include: Merchant cash advance, legal advice and discounted utilities

Retail Merchant Services Website

4)      Monek

Processing payments is Monek’s forte and they have been offering a safe, secure service since 1998.

The facts:

  • Protection from fraud
  • Over 30 payment types across the world are supported
  • A simple platform offering one product and one contract
  • Managing your account is simple

Monek Uk Website

5)      CardSave

Part of the Worldpay family, CardSave offer effective payment solutions.

The facts:

  • CardSave has countertop, portable and mobile card machines available
  • Businesses can opt to pay monthly or pay as they go
  • Enjoy professional advice on choosing the right shopping cart software for you

CardSave Website

6)      Global Payments

No matter the size of the business, Global Payments has a solution available and the company specialises in offering its services worldwide.

The facts:

  • Face-to-face, online and mobile payments are accepted
  • Leading bank, HSBC, use Global Payments as their preferred card payment processor
  • Work in education, hospitality, retail or transport? Global Payments has a solution especially designed for you

Global Payments website

7)      Elavon

Elavon has acquired some unique accolades over its 20-year history and is renowned for utilising the latest technologies to benefit businesses of all sizes.

The facts:

  • Prefer to take transactions via Apple Pay? Every Elavon card machine is compatible with this service
  • Loyal customers get to take advantage of special offers
  • Elavon is the preferred payment processor for airlines, because of their business-tailored solutions

Elavon Website

8)      Handepay

Low-cost is Handepay’s speciality and whilst their services are affordable, their reputation is equally impressive.

The facts:

  • Their Trustpilot rating is 9.7/10
  • If they can’t save your business money, Handepay will present you with £1,000
  • You won’t be surprised by joining fees, minimum monthly service charge or authorisation fees

Hanedpay Merchant Services

9)      Lloyds Bank Cardnet

One of the highstreet’s most popular banks, Lloyds, has been providing businesses with card payment services since 1997. Their main aim of Cardnet is to make card payments simple.

The facts:

  • Rated 94% for customer satisfaction
  • Sign up for a Lloyds Bank Business Account pay just 1.25% on all MasterCard and Visa Card transactions
  • An incredible £61.3 billion a month is processed through card transactions

Lloyds Cardnet Website

10)  Barclaycard

Another popular bank choice for UK residents, Barclaycard is Barclays Bank’s payment processing division.

The facts:

  • Businesses can use a virtual terminal to take payment in non-face-to-face situations
  • Barclaycard card machines can be used anywhere
  • The process of accepting cards and digital payments is really simple

Barclaycard Website

11)  Intelligent Merchant Services

This company was built by a team of industry professionals, each with an abundance of experience in payment processing.

The facts:

  • Get money landing in your account the following day
  • Ever-adapting currency conversion
  • Top of the range payment terminals

Intelligent Merchant Services Website

12)  Card Cutters

This company can help your business save money on merchant fees like it has done so for 5,000 UK merchants so far.

The facts:

  • Simple, clear, competitive pricing
  • No hidden fees
  • Accommodates face-to-face, phone and online payment

Card Cutter Website

13)  EVO Payments

Playing a longstanding part in the processing payment world, EVO Payments look after $80 million worth of business each year.

The facts:

  • Cost effective plans for all-inclusive options
  • Accept payment in store, in app, online or over the phone, easily
  • Software developers can work with an integration

Evo Payments Website

14)  AIB Merchant Services

Have you considered the Allied Irish Bank (AIB)? They are big name in Irish payment solution business and also work extensively in Britain.

The facts:

  • Accept online payments with Authipay
  • In 2014, AIB reached the heights of processing 30 billion Euros in payments
  • In-store payments can be processed using Clover POS

AIB Merchant services Website

15)  HSBC Merchant Services

This payment processing service is the partnership between HSBC and Global Payments, which we have already explored.

The facts:

  • Fraud protection is taken seriously, with award winning services
  • Foreign transfers and payments are simple to receive
  • Global Payment’s Global Iris is used to accept payment securely

HSBC Merchant Service Provider Website

16)  Clydesdale Bank Merchant Services

Using their friends at Worldpay, Clydesdale Bank offers effective merchant services.

The facts:

  • Pre-authorisation via payment terminals
  • 21 currencies supported
  • A range of face-to-face, online and telephone-based payment solutions
  • Cashback payment available

Clydesdale Merchant Service Provider Website

17)  Axcess Merchant Services

To ensure that your business receives the service that it needs, Axcess Merchant Services work with a variety of banks, which they are partnered with.

The facts:

  • 179 currencies supported
  • 391 banks connected and supported
  • An extensive 51 different methods of payment available

Axcess Merchant service account website

18)  Natwest Merchant Services

Similar to other popular highstreet banks, Natwest offers their merchant services in partnership with Worldpay.

The facts:

  • Money will reach your account within two working days
  • No hidden charges
  • Full support is offered with a helpdesk available 365 days a year

Natwest Merchant Accounts Website

19)  Independent Merchant Services

This company acts as an agency and helps you to find the merchant service, which is right for your business.

The facts:

  • They maintain 100% independence
  • Rated 9.8/10 on Trustpilot
  • Offer support throughout your whole payment provider search

Independant Merchant Services Website

20)  Santander Merchant Services

Evalon, previously discussed, facilitate Santander Merchant Services.

The facts:

  • Apple, Android and Samsung Pay are all supported
  • In-person, online, over the phone, mobile and contactless payments compatible
  • Money will arrive in your Santander Business Current Account the following day, free of charge

Satanander Card Payments Website

21)  BOI Payment Acceptance (Bank of Ireland Merchant Services)

The Bank of Ireland UK and EVO Payments International formed a partnership and created BOI Payment Acceptance.

The facts:

  • No hidden fees
  • Flexible pricing plans, which you can change as you see fit
  • Services start as just £36.99 per month

BOI Payment Acceptance Website

22)  RBS Merchant Services

WorldPay and Steamline make up the ever-popular payment solution, RBS Merchant Services.

The facts:

  • Fraud prevention is a top business priority
  • Funds land directly in your account
  • Incredibly, up to 500 transactions are purchased each second

RBS Merchant Service Provider Website

23)  Yorkshire Bank Merchant Services

Another Worldpay merchant service, Yorkshire Bank offers the latest technologies.

The facts:

  • Broken terminals will be replaced the following day
  • Customer data is kept safe with free security updates

Yorkshire Bank Merchant Accounts Website

24)  Metro Bank Merchant Services

Acceptcards are Metro Bank’s partner when it comes to merchant services.

The facts:

  • Multiple different ways to pay online and in-person
  • Apple Pay supported
  • Payment methods from around the world are supported

Metrobank Website

25)  Co-operative Bank Merchant Services

The Co-operative Bank partners with First Data Merchant Solution to offer reliable methods of card payment.

The facts:

  • All major credit and debit cards accepted
  • Compliant with PCI DSS
  • Bespoke product options

Co-op Merchant Account Website

26)  Bank of Scotland Merchant Services

Cardnet supports the Bank of Scotland’s merchant services.

The facts:

  • Online, phone and face-to-face payments are supported
  • Fast and efficient system
  • Eco-friendly, paperless options

Bank of Scotland Merchant service Website

27)  Halifax Merchant Services

This company may not offer merchant services itself, but it does work alongside Lloyds Bank, Cardnet and Bank of Scotland to provide excellent support for businesses.

The facts:

  • Text alerts are sent straight to your phone
  • A business management team is on hand to support you
  • Businesses can access their accounts online, in branch or over the phone

Halifax Business merchant account website

28)  Acceptcards

Instead of going straight to your bank, try using Acceptcards, who can help you get a better rate.

The facts:

  • Assistance with business needs including: chip and pin machines, mobiles payments and payment gateways
  • Complimentary price review
  • Explore your options with multiple providers

Acceptcards website

The 10 Best Card Machine Providers

When it comes to card machine providers, iZettle may reign as most popular, but there are a whole range of alternatives that shouldn’t be overlooked. The following companies offer card payment processing terminals which are ideal for making face-to-face transactions.

1)      WorldPay Zinc

This is WorldPay’s answer to a budget-friendly mobile card payment processor.

The facts:

  • Phone-payment compatible
  • Card payment fees range from 1.95% – 2.75%
  • Pay just £39.99 for a chip and pin keypad

Worldpay Zinc Website

2)      PayPal Here

One of the features which makes PayPal Here so popular, is its ability to integrate with one’s own online PayPal account.

The facts:

  • Free from set-up fees
  • Card payment fees range from 1.50% – 2.75%
  • A card reader will cost around £75

Paypal Here Website

3)      Verifone

Veriphone has a card payment machine to suit your business. Choose from countertop PDQ machines to fully mobile and portable solutions.

The facts:

  • Enterprise Payment Software allows online payment
  • Go global and accept Alipay, China’s most used payment app
  • Choose from PDQ machines, multimedia and unattended payment solutions

Verifone Card Machines Website

4)      Ingenico

Own a business which operates in different countries? Ingenico can process transactions in 170 countries across the globe, supporting over 300 types of payment.

The facts:

  • Desktop, portable and wireless terminals, integrated POS, mobile payment and unattended terminal payments are supported
  • Online payment solutions are also available

Ingenico Card Machines Website

5)      Shopify POS & Card Reader

After conquering the e-commerce world and assisting online businesses all over the world, Shopify now offers face-to-face payment solutions.

The facts:

  • Card reader and POS options available
  • A Tap and Chip Reader costs just £59
  • Card payment fees start at 1.5%
  • Manage and train inventory across all channels

Shopify Card Reader Website

6)      SumUp

Need a simple, mobile card machine? SumUp has a solution for your business.

The facts:

  • Card payment fees stay flat at 1.69%
  • All UK credit and debit cards are supported
  • A card reader costs as little as £29
  • Built-in merchant service account

SumUp Card Reader Website

7)      Transax

Transax’s two million daily transactions give businesses piece of the mind that their payment solution is effective. In the UK, Ireland and France alone, they support over 18,000 businesses.

The facts:

  • Enjoy their services from just £4.75 a week
  • Latest technology supported, featuring contactless and Apple Pay
  • Next day payment option, no matter who you bank with

Transax Website

8)      Smarttrade App

Innovative and forward thinking, Smarttrade App are the first company in the UK to accept smartphone payments, with no need for a card reader.

The facts:

  • Card payment fees start at 1.75% + £0.20
  • Fees can be passed onto the customer
  • Try it out with a 30-day free trial

Smarttrade App Website

9)      PB (Pitney Bowes) Payment Solutions

This card machine is a hybrid of services from Pitney Bowes and First Data Merchant Solutions.

The facts:

  • Terminals are supported by Bluetooth and GPRS
  • E-commerce terminals are supported
  • Set up virtual terminals using a web-enabled device

Pitney Bowes Payment solutions Website

10)  Payleven

Recently purchased by SumUp, Payleven is still a popular mobile card machine and is still available to buy through their new owner.

The facts:

  • Purchase on Amazon from £70
  • Contactless payments supported
  • Card payment fees start at 1.50% – 2.75%

Payleven Website

The 25 Best Payment Gateways & Online Payment Processing Providers

If you are planning on selling primarily online, the following companies will help you fulfil your business needs, with their payment gateway and processing options.

1)      EKM

Easily set up your online store with e-commerce platform EKM.

The facts:

  • Choose from integrated payments or use your own merchant account
  • Receive a 14-day trial
  • Plans start at £24.99 a month
  • Klarna-powered payment rates start at 1.99%

EKM Gateway Website

2)      DataCash

This is a part of the Mastercard brand and covers their payment gateway services.

The facts:

  • Airline, telecommunications, retail, gaming and entertainment industries receive tailored solutions
  • All payments are covered including online and offline transfers, gift cards, cash alternatives and international credit cards
  • PCI compliant with hosted checkout pages

Datacash Payment Gateway Website

3)      Amazon Pay

A household name, Amazon Pay is the website’s payment method, which customers will be familiar with when it comes to their checkout experience.

The facts:

  • Fees remain flat at 4% + £0.20.
  • Adding Amazon Pay to your checkout is simple
  • Customers are protected by Amazon A-to-Z for no extra charge

Amazon Pay Website

4)      Secure Trading

Secure Trading has been operating for over 20 years and is one of the world’s most influential independent payment service providers.

The facts:

  • Get set-up with a merchant account
  • PCI DSS compliance assistance
  • A payment gateway with a variety of payment options

Secure Trading App Website

5)      Global Iris

We’ve covered Global Payment and this is their online payment solution.

The facts:

  • Simple to take telephone payments
  • Can be linked to PayPal

Global Iris Website

6)      Klarna

Now a popular way to purchase online through their ‘buy now, pay later’ method, Klarna also has a number of checkout and payment options for businesses.

The facts:

  • Pay after delivery
  • All popular payment methods supported
  • Works with a range of partner solutions including EKM and WooCommerce

Klarna Payments Provider Website

7)      Nochex

If you don’t want a traditional merchant account, Nochex may be the solution for you.

The facts:

  • Fees start at 2.9% + £0.20 per transaction
  • Their MyInvoice service allows you to get paid
  • Tailored solutions for online food ordering

Nochex Merchant Gateway Website

8)      Braintree Payments

Customers can enjoy a variety of services which are designed to serve online businesses.

The facts:

  • Fees remain flat at 1.9% + £0.20
  • 130 currencies are supported

Braintree Payments Website

9)      SmartDebit

If you are wanted to incorporate direct debit into the transaction options that you offer as business, SmartDebit is one to explore. They currently hold the highest industry Trustpilot score and work with all types of organisations, from schools and colleges, to subscription businesses.

The facts:

  • Don’t hold your own Service User Number? SmartDebit will manage your Direct Debits for you
  • Hold your own Service User Number? You will be supported by SmartDebit’s bureau service
  • Transaction fees depend on the size of transaction
  • Cheque processing and imaging supported
  • No need to handle customer card details yourself
  • Your business name will appear on your customers’ bank statements
  • Collect regular recurring payments for products and services within Europe.

Smart Debit

10)  2Checkout

The option is perfect for businesses who want to accept mobile and online payments from buyers worldwide.

The facts:

  • Fees are 4% + 30¢ for customers in the UK
  • Reoccurring billing supported
  • 8 payment types, 15 languages and 87 currencies supported

2Checkout Payment Gateways

11)  Realex Payments

One of the world leaders in payment technology services, Realex Payments offer an affordable option to businesses.

The facts:

  • Rated 9.5/10 on Trustpilot
  • Businesses pay £19 a month, with 1.75% per transaction
  • Embedded, lightbox and redirect are all embedded

Realex Payments Website

12)   BlueSnap

A solution for e-commerce, web and mobile businesses.

The facts:

  • No hidden fees
  • Switch to BlueSnap and they will offer the same rates as your previous provider or better
  • 180 countries, 110 payment types, 100 currencies and 29 languages are supported

Bluesnap E-Commerce Payments Gateway Website

13)  Allied Wallet

If your business needs to accept online payments, Allied Wallet has a global payment solution.

The facts:

  • Fees start at 1.95%
  • 164 currencies are supported
  • Fraud prevention is taken very seriously
  • PCI Level 1 compliance supported

Allied Wallet Website

14)  Cardstream

The fact that Cardstream is an independent payment gateway provider, makes it unique amongst its peers.

The facts:

  • Payment platform can be completely rebranded according to business needs
  • PCI DSS Level 1 certified
  • Features simple integration with APIs and SDKs

Cardstream Payment Gateway Website

15)  WePay

Need payments for platforms? This is exactly the service which WePay offers.

The facts:

  • Zero checkout redirects
  • Provides an adjustable user experience
  • Offers high levels of protection against fraud and retains liability

WePay Payment Platform Website

16)  Authorize.Net

If you have a business which needs to process credit card transactions over telephone, through mail order or via website then Authorize.Net may work for you.

The facts:

  • No hidden, renewal or cancellation fees
  • Costs £19 per month
  • Fees are 2.49% + £0.15
  • Option for free automated recurring billing Website

17)  iPayment

Small businesses will find a variety of payment solution options with iPayment.

The facts:

  • Its functionality is built with a developer in mind
  • Contains Built-in DDoS protection
  • Includes access to iPayments powerful Expinet payment gateway

iPayment Website

18)   London & Zurich

Although their forte is direct debit processing, London & Zurich do offer payment gateway services too.

The facts:

  • Transaction rates are low
  • Businesses with their own Service User Number can have their own branded direct debit collections
  • Security is a priority, with adherence to Level 1 PCI:DSS compliance

London and Zurich Website

20)  Payworks

Payworks provides businesses with Pulse, the payment gateway technology of the future.

The facts:

  • Android, iOS and Windows compliant
  • Supports rapidly growing businesses
  • Developers can integrate Pulse SDKs and APIs

Payworks Gateway Website

21)  QuickBooks Payments (formerly Intuit Pay)

QuickBooks buddies up with PayPal and GoCardless to offer online payment options to businesses.

The facts:

  • Standard PayPal fees apply
  • Returning customers can set up direct debits
  • QuickBooks automatically records payments and fees

Quickbooks Payments Website

22)  Planet Payment

Innovative and global, Planet Payment offers PCI compliant payment solutions.

The facts:

  • 188,000 merchants have been assisted so far, in 22 countries
  • International payments are supported

Planet payments Website

23)  CCNow

With over twenty years of experience, CCNow helps to build a relationship between shopping and selling online.

The facts:

  • Fees are flat at 4.9% + $0.40
  • Pay weekly
  • Try a demo account for free

CCnow Website

24) will assist your business by handling every step of your payment processes.

The facts:

  • Zero long-term contracts
  • Multiple settlement currencies
  • The most popular shopping carts on the market are supported

Checkout Website

25)  PayLane

Accept online payments as smoothly as possible with PayLane.

The facts:

  • Fees are flat at 2.8% + £0.20
  • More than 160 currencies and 30 payment methods are supported
  • Customers can purchase with a single click

Paylane Website

The 11 most popular High-Risk Merchant Account & Payment Processing Providers

If your business has poor credit history or you are a part of an industry which is deemed ‘high-risk,’ you will have to opt for a merchant service which accepts high-risk clients. The following options are suitable candidates.

1)      Verotel

Over 50,000 high-risk businesses currently use Verotel to build their online businesses.

The facts:

  • Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Discover and Diners Club supported
  • Bitcoin is also accepted
  • Premium users can take advantage of a sliding scale

Verotel High-Risk Merchant Services Website

2)      CCBill

CCBill process more than a billion dollars’ worth of transactions annually.

The facts:

  • Fees range from 9%+ $0.55 to 14.5%.
  • Online businesses, dating platforms, non-profit organisations, high-risk, live entertainment and subscriptions all acquire bespoke plans
  • Support is available online, 24/7

CCbill Platform Website

3)      BitPay

Businesses can accept Bitcoin payments anywhere with BitPay.

The facts:

  • Transactions carry a flat rate charge of 1%
  • Covers any amount, from any country and device
  • Bank deposits in 38 countries, settled in US Dollars, Euros and GBP

Bitpay Merchant Services

4)      ccNetPay

High-risk businesses mainly work with ccNetPay for help arranging merchant accounts with banks in Asia, Europe and US.

The facts:

  • Fees range between 7.5% – 9.0% + $0.75 – $1.00 for offshore high-risk clients
  • A direct EU merchant account is available
  • Rolling Reserve of 5%-10% required for 180 days

CCnetpay Website

5)      Spectrocoin

Want to start accepting Bitcoin as payment? Spectrocoin can help you set-up the mechanics needed to do so.

The facts:

  • Accept Bitcoin in store or online
  • Use API or e-Commerce plugins to integrate into your business easily
  • No Bitcoin price risk involved
  • Receive local currencies, including USD, EUR and GBP straight into your bank account

Spectrocoin Website

6)      Epoch Payment

Epoch provides online billing to companies all around the world.

The facts:

  • Fees range from 13.25% to 15%
  • Fees are based on volume and automatically adjust for you
  • No security deposit

Epoch Payment Website

7)      Instabill

Instabill is a company specifically designed to help high-risk businesses process payments.

The facts:

  • Multiple currencies supported
  • Offshore and international banking available
  • Satisfies Visa, MasterCard and American Express requirements

Instabill Website

8)      Web Merchant Services

Web Merchant have been a reliable payment processing provider since 1997.

The facts:

  • Fees range between 3% – 6%+ 30p
  • Offers a PCI DSS Compliant payment gateway
  • 95% of high-risk businesses which apply are accepted

Web Merchant Services Website

9)      Zombaio

If you have an online content or entertainment business, Zombaio specialises in payment solutions for you.

The facts:

  • Fees range from 4.9% to 10.9%
  • Registration fees are covered
  • You do not need a merchant account

Zombaio Payment Solution Website

10)  GSPAY

International businesses benefit from GSPAY’s offshore merchant account and third-party merchant account payment solutions.

The facts:

  • Zero set-up or monthly fees
  • Fees range between 4% and 10%
  • Weekly pay-outs

GSpay Merchant Account Website

11)  PayWorld

PayWorld is an IT solution company which has been offering solutions to businesses since 1989.

The facts:

  • Fees start at 1.8% for low-risk merchants
  • Offshore payment accounts available
  • Applications approved quickly

Payworld Website

The 10 most popular alternative payment providers

If you want to add further value to your business, the following payment processing services are also excellent options to consider.

1)      Paysafecard

Want to allow for payments without a bank account or credit card? Paysafecard does just that.

The facts:

  • Over 500,000 merchants around the world use Paysafecard
  • Segment your customers and generate incremental revenue
  • Can be used directly or through a payment service provider

Paysafecard Website

2)      Payline Data

If your business needs a flexible payment company then Payline Data offers services to fit that bill.

The facts:

  • start at 0.5% + $0.20
  • No hidden fees or long-term contracts
  • E-Commerce and enterprise plans are available

Payline Data Website

3)      Paysafe

Paysafe are an ever-evolving payment platform.

The facts:

  • Invoices can be ‘paid later’ with special payment solutions
  • Choose from a variety of payment processing solutions
  • Digital wallet and stored value solutions

Paysafe Card Payments Provider Website

4)      Google Payments (Wallet)

Google Payments, commonly known as ‘Google Wallet,’ is the well-known brand’s answer to quick and convenient payment.

The facts:

  • Can be used to pay friends and family
  • Store credit and debit cards in your account, which can be used for fast payment
  • Currently working on introducing effortless checkouts for customers via app and website

Google Payments Website

5)      Skrill

Skrill specialises in facilitating quick, simple payments.

The facts:

  • Pay with one-tap
  • Supported by over 80 banks, globally
  • More than 20 local payment methods

Skrill Payments website

6)      Groupon Merchant

Groupon is known mostly for its voucher discount and voucher website, but it also has a merchant option which allows businesses to sell using their platform.

The facts:

  • Customers can redeem Groupons through mobile apps
  • One Million merchants worldwide use Groupon Merchant
  • Use your Groupon page to showcase full-priced offerings and drive revenue

Groupon Merchant services Website

7)      WebMoney

Keep your online business activities secure with WebMoney, a global settlement system.

The facts:

  • Payments can built-in for online and mobile games
  • WebMoney can be accepted on your website via a widget or button
  • Get paid straight to your bank account using a payment gateway

Webmoney website

8)      Ogone

Ogone has been a part of Ingenico since 2014.

The facts:

  • Instant approvals through phone and mail payments
  • Payment can be accepted through a mobile app or website
  • Creates a smooth onlinecheckout experience

Ogone Website

9)      Payzer

Grow your business with Payzer, an all-in-one financial tool.

The facts:

  • Fees start at 1.39%
  • Pay fellow Payzer users simply
  • Make bill payments to anyone
  • Credit cards, debit cards and electronic cheques are accepted

Payzer Website

10)  Neteller

Choosing to work with Neteller will allow your customers the option to purchase in a variety of ways.

The facts:

  • Choose from multiple currency accounts
  • With only a single integration, businesses can choose from over 100 payment options
  • No-chargeback guarantee.

Netller card acceptance website