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Use Our Price Comparison Tool if You Need either a Card Machine Price Comparison or a Payment Processing Fees Comparison

Here at compare card processing, we provide you with all the information you need to take card payments. Whether you need to compare card terminals to see which card terminal is right for your business or simply want to compare card machine providers pricing, we have the right tools for you to get the cheapest card machine.

 Thousands of companies trust us to compare card payment services quickly and easily online. You will find our services helpful if you need a:

Use our website to quickly get your quotes from a wide range of compare card payment providers, with all costs displayed on screen – no annoying sales calls either! You can easily compare different card machine payment processing providers and their services too, helping you to find the perfect match for your company. Compare credit card machines here because card machine payment processing is a fact of life for most businesses of all sizes and shapes, so it pays to get the right provider to protect your business from unnecessary costs and expenses for a day to day service.


You can compare payment processors quickly and easily using our price comparison tool. Compare payment processors instantly!

Tips when you compare card payment providers costs and fees

  • A lot will depend on how established your business is and how much turnover you take through card payment machine comparison. If you are starting out, have a low card turnover (under £1.5k) and would prefer not to have a contract a mobile card reader could be a good choice. We used to do card payment machine comparison from market leaders Sumup and iZettle
  • If you take more than £1.5k in card payments and have an established business, a traditional card machine is likely to cost you less in the long run. From there you can decide which type of traditional card terminal will be best suited to your needs. Use our credit card machine comparison UK page to decide on which PDQ machine will be best for your need. We compare all the leading merchant account service providers in UK like Barclaycard and First Data
  • Most importantly, always use our credit card processing fees comparison tool to get a total cost for all your card processing fees. Our providers update their prices all the time, so you could thousands for your business! For credit card processing rates comparison, contact us!