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Portable Card Machines allow you to take the machine to the customer within a limited area

Read this page if you need to understand if a portable machine is the right choice for you.

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A Portable Card Payment Machine is a Good Choice For:


Coffee shops

Bars and Pubs

What does a Portable Credit Card Payment Machine do?

Portable card payments machines allow the terminal to be taken to the customer as long as this is within 50m of the base unit. The small, lightweight portable credit card machines for small business are the perfect for taking payments around your premises and works via a Bluetooth connection.

What are the main features?

The portable debit card machine works similar to a cordless home telephone, you simply place it back on the base unit after use. The charging unit can be plugged in near your till/counter for easy access. You can print receipts directly from the portable unit for hassle-free transactions and all our providers have contactless payments, Android pay and Apple pay enabled as standard.

A portable card machine in UK is slightly more expensive than a countertop card machine but is a must-have for businesses like restaurants, cafes or companies with multiple sales staff who can share the machine between them.

You can compare the cost of portable wireless credit card machines and merchant account using our price comparison tool.

  • Works 50m from the base unit
  • Small, light, Bluetooth handset
  • Save money by sharing one device 
  • Easy charge base units
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Did You Know…

  • We compare all the leading providers in the UK including Barclaycard, First Data, iZettle, and Sumup
  • Portable wireless credit card processing machines can take payments up to 50m from the base unit
  • If you are unsure how much the total cost for accepting cards could be, use our price comparison tool, all our provider’s prices are listed online!

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Countertop Card Machine

Countertop card machines can work via a phone line or broadband. The card machine will sit on your countertop and allow the customer to come to the card machine to pay. Ideal for solo shops where the customers can easily to get to the card terminal.

Mobile Card Machine

Mobile card machines are for business owners who take payments on the move and use GPS sim cards to connect to your provider. Traditional card machines are perfect for those taking payments on the go and have a card turnover over £2k

Mobile Card Reader

Mobile card readers are compact, portable devices which connect to your phone or tablet to allow businesses to take payments easily on the move. They are ideal for those who have a low card turnover or want better accounting software.

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We compare all the leading providers in the UK and have helped thousands of business owners find the best card machine and merchant service. All our prices are listed online!

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How do portable machines work?

Portable wireless credit card machines work via a bluetooth connection which allows them to work 50m away from the base unit, completely wirelessly.

The card machine will collect data which is kept on the chip of the customer’s credit or debit card. It will then transmit this data via the broadband or telephone connection to your merchant service provider who will process the payment.

Once approved, the funds are sent directly into your business account, this takes 2-4 days dependant on the provider from the point the transaction is taken.

What kind of business would need a portable machine?

Any business who would like to take the machine to the customer, rather than the other way round. Restaurants, pubs, and bars are the perfect place for a portable credit card machine.

It can also be useful if you have multiple service advisor/sales reps who can share the machine within one location. A typical jeweler or butchers could use a portable machine to minimise costs.

How much does a portable card terminal cost?

Normally slightly more than a countertop card machine but slightly less than a mobile card machine. You can compare the cost of all our providers using our price comparison tool

Are portable credit card machines for small businesses and big business?

Both, they are used by leading restaurants and corner shops, portable card payment machines are only a few £’s more to rent per month, so it’s really about what you need as a business.