Are you thinking about accepting card payments? Regardless of your sector, introducing card payments could potentially enhance customer attraction and boost your profits. You need a dependable and secure platform to achieve this, and Zettle — known for its comprehensive services — might just be the ideal choice. But does it provide the cheapest card reader? More importantly, how does it contribute value to your business?

The answer lies in their pricing structure. Knowing the costs involved and other crucial factors will aid in deciding if Zettle is the most suitable commerce solution for your enterprise. This article will discuss the essential aspects you need to be aware of.

The basics of Zettle pricing

Zettle aims to simplify point-of-sale pricing by letting you pay only for the transactions you are processing and the hardware you need. That means you won’t have to worry about binding commitments and rentals, which can be beneficial to small businesses. Here’s how it works:

Taking payments

Zettle charges only per transaction and payment type, meaning there are no recurring fees or contracts involved. For cards, that’s 1.75% per transaction with major mobile wallets and credit cards, including American Express. For other transaction types, that’s 1.75% for PayPal QR codes, 2.5% for Zettle Invoice, and 2.5% for Payment Links.

Zettle By PayPal POS app

Zettle could be the cheapest card machine when you use the free point-of-sale app. It’s a handy solution that lets you manage inventory and products, explore real-time sales reports, and oversee staff performance. Plus, the software makes it possible to redeem and create gift cards and accept payments across different channels with integration.

One-time payment with a free app

If you get Zettle, you will only need to pay for the hardware one time, and you can download the POS app for free. Basically, you pay only for the transactions being processed.

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