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Stripe Vs Paypal – Battle of the Best

The 2 giants of the online payment space in the UK are Stripe and Paypal. If you are a business who takes online payments you’re probably facing the dilemma of choosing which payment processor to use. Which is safer? Which is cheaper? Which is easier to navigate? These are all important questions and with so […]

The End of Card Surcharges – The Impact to UK Business

Its time to say goodbye to card surcharges in the UK. From the 13th January 2018, companies can no longer charge for credit/debit card transactions. Consumers will be delighted with the new changes but how will businesses be impacted? Companies of all shapes and sizes will be impacted by the new changes, from large airlines like […]

What’s the best way to choose merchant services?

Merchant services are a must have for most businesses and company owners with most using their current bank for procurement of these facilities. Regrettably, this is not usually the cheapest way to find a payment processor. Some businesses may see small differences in rate inconsequential but the charges soon add up as your business expands. […]

Who shapes the card payments market?

The card payments industry in the UK is big (a whopping £75 trillion big, according to the UK’s Payment Systems Regulator). It’s also critical to our modern economy: not a lot can happen without payments, after all. But aside from the big brands we’ve all heard of, who shapes this industry? What trade and government bodies help steer it? 5 […]

How to get a cheap card payment machine

The cheapest card machine or the cheapest portable card payment machine are 2 of the most common web searches for a business in the UK. Here’s why you shouldn’t be looking for just the cheapest card machine. 1 Processing fees or merchant service charge (MSC) This is the cost of accepting different card types on card machines and online. […]