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SumUp Review: Pricing & Features

SumUp is a no-fuss, all-encompassing service within the mobile card payment processing market. Active in 31 countries and able to accept a wide range of payments, it has all the essential tools needed to take face-to-face payments effortlessly and seamlessly. A wireless card reader connects to your mobile device, or you can opt for the […]

SumUp vs iZettle: Which One Should You Use?

It’s now easier than ever before to accept credit and debit card payments by opting for portable card readers. Contactless card readers process payments through a smartphone or tablet app, making them simple to use and much cheaper than the traditional rented card machines. An ideal product offering for a small business owner! SumUp and […]

Credit card charges for small business

Many consumers are transitioning away from paying for things with cash. As such, it’s more important than ever for companies to embrace credit card payments. Having said that, credit card payments do come with a series of charges. In short, the organization who facilitates each transaction will take a cut of them as payment. A […]

What is a Virtual Terminal?

Do you need to take payments without being in front of the customer? In this case, a virtual terminal might just be what you’re looking for. A virtual payments terminal is an online system which allows the customer to make payments over the phone, without the need of a physical card machine or for the […]

Which card reader is best for my business in 2020?

If you run a small business and are looking at ways to take card payments you will of heard about the explosion of card readers available in the market? There are a variety of card readers out there that will certainly do the job for you. SumUp, PayPal Here, iZettle and Square are some examples […]