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Top 5 Best Card Processing Services

What is a card processing service? Whether you are a new business or you are looking to upgrade your existing system, choosing the right card processing services for you can be a tricky decision and it is one of the biggest to be made for your business – no pressure! Payment processors vary, but they […]

Why Small Businesses Need A Business Credit Card

Owning a business credit card is a powerful tool, essential for small businesses and enterprises around the world. Merchant card services also known as card processing services enable the transfer of funds from customer to merchant. The Power Of Business Credit Cards To Smaller Businesses: Rewards; Not only are credit cards easy to use, saving the […]

iZettle vs Square: What to choose?

Growing in popularity, mobile card readers are quickly becoming the main choice for small businesses over standard rented terminals. With their small size and portability, there are definitely some great advantages. The next question then becomes: which mobile card reader should you go with? You’ve probably heard of both the iZettle and the Square, but you are […]

How Do Card Machines Work?

Card machines play an key role in high street transactions, they have become an underlying yet essential part of our lives, but do you know how they work? Here at Compare Card Processing, we are the go-to-guys for card machines. From how the payment is authorised to how it gets into the retailer’s bank account […]

Best Card Reader To Look Out For In 2021

What card processing reader is right for your business? If you aren’t sure, take a look at our guide to give you a better understanding. Or get in touch with us for further information.  iZettle iZettle is an award winning card processing machine that is owned by PayPal. This system is quick and easy to use and […]

The 10 Best Online Payment Systems in the UK

With online sales at an all-time high, now is the ideal time for merchants to start accepting payments via an online payment system on their website. Without such, online businesses would have no reliable method of taking payments – nor would they be able to reach customers all over the world. For those who are […]

What is Verified by Visa?

We’ve all mostly likely come across a Verified by Visa box that appears during the checkout process, but being able to explain what that is, and how it works, well, that’s a different story. Making online payments is more popular than ever before, and it’s becoming increasingly important to protect yourself (and your customers) from […]

Barclays Merchant Services Review

Barclays Merchant Services, and more specifically Barclaycard, is a merchant service offered by Barclays. As one of the oldest banks in the UK, and the world, it traces its origins back to 1690 in London. But is such a large, and well-established, multinational bank well placed to offer support to smaller SME’s? Well, let’s answer […]

2020 Lloyds Cardnet Review

Founded in 1997 and handling over 1.1bn transactions every year, Lloyds is the largest retail bank in the UK. If you already have one of their debit or credit cards (or even if you don’t), now could be the time to consider whether a Lloyds Cardnet merchant account is right for your business. And that’s […]

What Are Card Payment Processing Fees?

With over 60 million credit cards in circulation, every business needs to enable customers to purchase via credit card. However, this comes at a price to UK businesses. Namely, whenever a customer pays via credit card, your business will be charged for the card payment processing fees. Up until recently, it was common practice for […]

iZettle Review: Pricing & Features

iZettle has been up and running since 2010 and remains a market leader within the mobile card payment processing market. It was the first company to develop a chip-card reader and app which meets international security requirements. Operating in 12 countries and accepting a wide range of payments, it was bought by PayPal for the mighty […]