Picture this… you have just done the weekly shop; everything has been scanned and now it’s time to pay. By simply tapping your credit card over the card machine you have paid for and you can leave the shop with all your food. It seems so simple, however the processing behind the scenes is much more complex.

Behind The Scenes

How contactless payments work are much more complex, involving several processing ‘players’ that work together and allow your funds to enter the merchant’s account. As the customer, you only hear the satisfying ping noise after your card touches the card machine. The ‘players’ involved with the transaction include; the merchant, the acquirer, the customer, the issuer and the card network.


  1. The customer presents the merchant with their payment type, this could be in the form of a physical card, contactless card or apple or android pay.
  2. The merchant’s card machine, usually a PDQ machine captures the customer’s card payment information which is sent off to the acquirer.
  3. The acquirer submits a request for authorisation from the customer’s issuer.
  4. The issuer finally sends the payment to the card scheme, which is then sent to the acquirer. In this case, the acquirer is the merchant.
  5. Payment complete.
  6. The acquirer usually has to wait 24-48 hours for the funds to leave the customer’s bank account.

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Why Are Card Processing Fees Important

People in the UK like to pay for stuff with cards using card machines. Here are the numbers: in 2017, there were 163.6 million cards! That’s more than 2.5 cards per person not taking into account the population who don’t have their own cards as they are under 18! Spending a whopping 1.8 billion a day! The number isn’t going to stop growing anytime soon.

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