Quote – FAQ’s

The accuracy of the quotes are based on the information provided at the time of the quote request. There are occasions where the price may be higher or lower dependent on factors such as you payment profile changing or the addition of services which were not highlighted in the original application.
The quotes provided are completely non committal and for your information only. If you chose to act on these quotes they only become binding once your have signed an agreement with the provider in question.
Once you have selected a quote you will receive a call within one business day or at a time of your convenience. The provider will explain the full requirements although we have detailed them in this download. Clickhere
Yes – you can adjust your quote at any time to get a new quote if youlog in
Due to the fluctuations in the payments market the quote is only valid for 60 days after the information was input.

Suppliers – FAQ’s

Subject to your contract with your existing provider once the paperwork is completed you can begin trading within 14 days. If you have any specific queries regarding your contract then your provider can advise you in more detail.
We have a full list of providers so you can contact us or them directly at any stage before details are submitted.
We have a full list of providers with information on each of them. They represent the largest card processing companies in the UK and Europe.
We share a letter template that you can complete and send to your existing provider.

Contract – FAQ’s

Most merchant accounts and payment gateways require a short notice in order to cancel (1-3 months). The rental of the terminal, as it is hardware typically has a minimum term and as such their will likely be a termination or buy out fee which covers the cost of the rental over the term. There are two items to consider here: Firstly, if the buy out fee is less than the overall saving then it makes sense to leave as you will save money in the change. Secondly, because of the large saving you will possibly receive our providers may buy you out of contract which means they will pay the buy out fee directly to your existing provider making it free to leave.
Each contract typically  consists of 2 parts. Part 1 is for the software or hardware such as terminals or the eCommerce provision. The companies who offer these services are sometimes referred to as PSPs and focus on the processing of the transaction at the point of sale. Part 2 is to authorise the actual transaction electronically which referred to as the merchant services or acquiring. Typically these are the processing banks who have an acquiring licence to authorise payments. Our providers will set up the terminal/PSP contract directly with you. They will also act as a broker to set up your merchant service account with the processing bank. You can view all of this information on the quote screen and discuss it in more detail with any of our providers.
There a small number of processing banks who can provide a merchant service account and each of our providers has a direct link to one of them. They are all reputable businesses within the FTSE100 and are members of the main card schemes including VISA and Mastercard. Your funds are always held and settled by these processing banks and our providers can outline which ones you will be working with.

General – FAQ’s

We are very proud of our service and believe we add value to all of our users and partners. If you would like to recommend a friend please ask them to tell us who recommended them and you will receive £50.00 for the referral. For more information on our referral scheme please contact us on 0203 490 0097 or  enquires@cardmachine.co.uk.
There are no advertisements on our website to ensure that any service selected is one that is specifically tailored to your search requirements only. This ensures a fully impartial and fair quoting system.
Your information will not be shared with third parties unless you have requested a quote directly from them. We operate an implied opt out policy which means your data is held in confidence unless your specifically wish for it to be shared. Clickherefor more information on our privacy policy.
A PSP is a payment service provider and this is a company who allows your business to process payments through a terminal, over the phone or through an eCommerce (internet) platform. All of our providers offer these services.
We have a end to end process mapped out so you can see exactly how payment processing works and who the key players are. Please make the requesthere.