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Zettle Pricing: Understanding Their Charges

Are you thinking about accepting card payments? Regardless of your sector, introducing card payments could potentially enhance customer attraction and boost your profits. You need a dependable and secure platform to achieve this, and Zettle — known for its comprehensive services — might just be the ideal choice. But does it provide the cheapest card […]

Why Small Businesses Need A Business Credit Card

Owning a business credit card is a powerful tool, essential for small businesses and enterprises around the world. Merchant card services also known as card processing services enable the transfer of funds from customer to merchant. The Power Of Business Credit Cards To Smaller Businesses: Rewards; Not only are credit cards easy to use, saving the […]

How Do Card Machines Work?

Card machines play an key role in high street transactions, they have become an underlying yet essential part of our lives, but do you know how they work? Here at Compare Card Processing, we are the go-to-guys for card machines. From how the payment is authorised to how it gets into the retailer’s bank account […]