What card processing reader is right for your business? If you aren’t sure, take a look at our guide to give you a better understanding. Or get in touch with us for further information. 


iZettle is an award winning card processing machine that is owned by PayPal. This system is quick and easy to use and is one of the simplest card processing machines out there. A key selling point of this system is speed; it is 25% faster than most other card machines and boots up in 2 seconds. It supports contactless and chip & pin payments from all major card providers. The iZettle model is affordable, has no monthly fees, a free app, and their transaction processing fee is very competitively priced at 1.75%. This makes it a popular choice amongst small – medium sized businesses and companies who are looking to limit costs.


PayAnywhere is a system that allows you to tailor it to your needs. Pick the terminal, and almost every payment/card type can be accepted by their machines. They can take credit cards, contactless and chip and pin payments. This system isn’t just an in store card reader, it can also work as the payment gateway on your website so that you don’t have the hassle of using more than one card processing company. It can send invoices online as well as print receipts in store. It truly is a multi functioning system. 

Visit their website to take a look at the different terminal options available.

PayAnywhere has various systems of payment. This is due to the fact that they want the system you pick to be best for your business. The simple pay as you go function is just 2.69%. However, you can get in touch with them directly to make a custom payment scheme. This will make your rate of payment specific to your business.


SumUp is a efficient card processing system. It doesn’t just work with wifi, it has a built in sim card with unlimited data! It’s small, light and portable meaning you can take it with you anywhere. The free app on iOS and Android allows you to accept payments anytime, wherever you are. And with a 3G printer attached, it can print out all your receipts for you, too. With no monthly fee and a fixed percentage of 1.69% for all transactions, this cost effective system is great for small businesses, sole traders and entrepreneurs. 

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